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Meet Our Team!

Nancy A. Goodman
Her infectious laughter announces to the world her love of music, theatre, and of life itself. Nancy’s delight of chocolate truffles and a sip of champagne are only outweighed by messy pottery classes with daughter Ahmei, the golden apple of her eye. She has discovered the perfect cure for any malady is an afternoon at the beach reading Vince Flynn underneath a wide brimmed hat.  After many years of paying her dues she is doubly proud of her success as a woman owned business.

Whimsical photo of Joel
Joël Thévoz

A visionary, Joël is a creative and disciplined renaissance man. Swiss born and raised, he spent his teenage years in the sunshine of Costa Rica and Mexico. Joël is comfortable behind the camera’s lens, swinging a nine iron, and scuba diving. Well read, he enjoys time with good books: discovering new travel adventures to partake in, exotic culinaria that Main Event Caterers can explore, as well as alternative medicines and health practices. A true family man, he takes pleasure in cooking for his wife, their daughter, as well as his parents Didi and Marcel.

Phillip Jannetto
Chief Operating Officer

Sarah Miller
Director of Sales

Maura D. McConnell
Client Services Coordinator
A true local, Maura has spent most of her life exploring the various cuisines found in the Washington DC area. She developed her passion for food by dining in many of the area’s finest restaurants, then honed her skills in culinary school. An avid seamstress and knitter, Maura is always on the lookout for a new crafting project. She enjoys reading, whether it’s a dog-eared Agatha Christie novel or one of her grandmother’s well-loved cookbooks. She loves to spend time with her family, especially her nephews Alex and Charlie and her dog Max.

Michael Youssef
Executive Sous Chef